Well done, Martijn!

Last week we had a student from Netherlands by the name Martijn who started at Lexis Korea in our very first absolute beginner level, known as the Korean Foundation level and completed all the way through to our final level, which is the Advanced level.

Martijn first joined us in December 2015 for 6 months, then returned again in October 2016 for 7 months. He studied with us for a total of 13 months.

During the time that Martijn was studying with us, he put in a lot of effort and studied really hard. We’re proud to have a student like you, Martijn. He memorizes vocabulary very well, so much so that his classmates often nickname him “the walking dictionary”.

Congratulations Martijn for completing our Intensive Korean course! Well done and we hope to see you again in the near future. 🙂

Martijn - EDIT

“저는 Foundation부터 Advanced 까지 렉시스에서 공부했던 마르테인입니다. 렉시스에 두회 왔습니다. 첫번째는 2015년 12월으로부터 6게월 동안공부하고 두번째는 2016년 10월 부터 7게월 동안 공부했습니다.

처음에는 한글만 읽을 수 있을정도로 할수 없었지만 지금은 한국대표적인 상을 받았던 소솔’ 채식주의사’를 독서합니다.

렉시스에서 공부했던 시간은 정말 재미있었습나다. Foundation부터Intermediate까지는 반친구랑 친구를 많이 만들었고 선생님들도 너무 잘 갈쳤습니다.

Upper-intermediate부터는 반친구들 많이 없어서 좀 외로웠습니다. 하지만 선생님덕분 좋은 시간을 보내고 한국어실력이 많이 늘었습니다.

한국어를 렉시스에서 공부해서 후회가 없습니다!”

Thank you for choosing us, and we hope you had a great time here at Lexis Korea. 🙂

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Kimchi Making Class / Kelas Kebudayaan Membuat Kimchi

Last Friday, we visited Museum Kimchikan (뮤지엄김치간) located in Insadong so our students can learn about the origin and history of Korea’s most traditional and signature dish – kimchi. Our students were educated on the different types of kimchi available according to season and region, as well as the nutritional benefits that kimchi offers.


They also offer Kimchi making class so you get to get your hands on learning the actual kimchi making process, which was very eye-opening for our students.


There is a professional kimchi making instructor who took us on a step-by-step process of making kimchi.


It was an eye-opening experience for our students who had so much fun learning about the kimchi making students, and actually trying it out for themselves; mixing the different ingredients together, and rolling the spices into the cabbage.


After we were done with making the kimchi, our students were given individual storage containers and they got to take home with them the kimchi that they made. Best souvenir to bring home, we reckon! 


Whilst some may find kimchi to be spicy and salty considering that it is a fermented dish, what do you think? Does kimchi suit your taste? If you too love kimchi like we do, this kimchi making class is highly recommended for those who would love to learn more about Korean’s most traditional dish.



Pada Jumaat lepas, bersama dengan beberapa pelajar-pelajar kami,  kami melawat ke Muzium Kimchikan untuk belajar tentang proses membuat kimchi dan menghadiri kelas kebudayaan membuat kimchi.

Jika anda suka makanan Korea, wajib untuk tahu apa itu kimchi dan lebih baik lagi kalau belajar proses untuk membuat hidangan tradisional Korea ini.


Di Lexis Korea, selain daripada kelas-kelas yang kami tawarkan, kami juga menganjurkan aktiviti kebudayaan untuk membolehkan pelajar-pelajar kami peluang untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang budaya Korea.

Pelajar-pelajar kami diberikan resepi membuat kimchi yang senang dan sedap. Ramuan membuat kimchi disediakan di sekolah dan cara membuat kimchi dijelaskan langkah demi langkah oleh pengajar.

Pelajar-pelajar kami masing-masing sibuk dan teruja! Selepas siap, hasil kimchinya dibungkus dan pelajar-pelajar dapat membawa pulang kimchi mereka sebagai cenderamata.


Kami percaya pengalaman terbaik untuk pelajar-pelajar kami adalah untuk belajar bahasa Korea sambil belajar sejarah dan budaya Korea.

Jika anda berminat untuk belajar Bahasa Korea langsung di Korea Selatan, anda boleh mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menggunakan promosi kami – maklumat lanjut terdapat pada post ini.

Sekian, terima kasih! Kamsahamida. 🙂

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TOPIK Exam Preparation Course

Are you looking to undertake the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) Exam? Here at Lexis Korea, we offer TOPIK Exam Preparation Course to help you achieve your goals!


Our TOPIK Exam Preparation Course is designed to help non-native Korean speakers who are preparing for the test, as well as to prepare them for living, working or undertaking further studies in a Korean-speaking environment.

At Lexis Korea, you will;

  • Be taught by a dedicated and experienced TOPIK exam preparation teacher,
  • Improve your reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills,
  • Take practice mock tests using past exam papers, with answer quides and thorough feedback from your teacher,
  • Improve your Korean language whilst working towards an internationally recognised qualification.

Korean Course Levels

We provide classes for all levels for TOPIK I (level 1-2) and TOPIK II (level 3-6).

In order to undertake TOPIK 1 level classes with us, you will need to be at least at Elementary to Pre-Intermediate level.

As for our TOPIK II classes, if your goal is to achieve grades between level 3 and 4, students will be required to be between Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate level.

For the advanced grades between level 5 and 6, it would be recommended for students to be within the Upper Intermediate to Advanced level.


Our TOPIK Preparation Course runs from:

  • Morning Core Class 9am to 12.15pm, Monday to Friday
  • TOPIK Focused Class 1.15pm to 3.30pm, Monday to Thursday

The fees for our TOPIK Preparation Classes are similar to that of the Intensive Korean 25 course as highlighted below:


If you need some guidance in preparation for the exam,  look no further, our experienced instructors here at Lexis Korea will be able to assist you.

If you have any further questions about our TOPIK Preparation Class, please contact us via email at info@lexiskorea.com.

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Testimonials from our students

As we run a weekly curriculum, every Friday we have students who would wrap up their studies with us. We would pass on our Student Survey form to finishing students to get their feedback on their experience here with us.


Josefine really enjoyed her stay with us and had a lot to say about her class and teacher:

“I really liked my teacher’s teaching style. I liked that my teacher asked about differences in culture regarding the countries the student come from.”


Josefine also further shared:

“I already studied at Lexis Korea last year and learned a lot. That’s why I returned this year during my spring break. I had a lot of fun again and met really nice people. I enjoyed my time in Korea a lot and hope that I’ll be able to come back again soon.”


Our Taiwanese student, Wei-Ju who completed her course at Elementary level, left her feedback in Korean:

렉시스 코리아에 와서 좋은 선생님이랑 같이 공부 할 수 있어서 너무 행복해요. 렉시스 코리아 직원들이 너무 친절해요. 렉시스 수업이 끝난 후에 활동이 너무 많아서 재미있었어요. Meet up 하고 Student Night 이 있기 때문에 다른 나라 학생들과 만날 수 잇꼬 같이 이야기 하고 놀을 수 있어서 너무 행복해요.

We are pleased to know that you had such a positive Korean language study experience with us. In her feedback above, she went on to say that she is glad to have been able to come to Lexis Korea and study with a good teacher. She even said that the staff members at Lexis Korea are so kind. Wei-Ju also liked that we offered lots of different and fun activities. Amongst the many activities that we run, she liked Lexis Meet Up and Student Night activity the most as she was able to meet students from other countries.

Thank you for your kind feedback, Wei-Ju. We will work hard to keep providing our students with the best possible experience! 🙂


When asked about her experience in general, here’s what Lise had to say:

“My experience here was very good. School didn’t stop too late so I had time to visit and the activities suggested were very interesting. The location of the school is very nice too, making it easy to take the subway.”


Baptiste from France studied with us for 5 weeks and left his feedback in French as below:

When asked what did you like most about your class, he responded with:

  • Les professeurs à l’écoute et gentille.
  • La methodologie du cours.
  • L’organisation.

We also ask our students to share both positive and negative aspects of their teachers, but we always receive only positive feedback and this time, it is no different.

  • Disponible & à l’écoute (referring to how our teachers are always willing to help and listen to what our students have to say)
  • Souriante (smiling)
  • Joyeuse (bright)
  • Gentille (kind)

As we implement a Korean language only rule in class, we often wonder how our students cope with this rule. Here’s what Baptiste has to say:

Même si c’est difficile de tout comprendre, cela permet de progresser plus rapidement. Une bonne règle. (Even though it’s difficult to understand everything, it makes you progress faster! Good rule!)

And finally, with his overall experience, Baptiste we’re glad you had a good experience.

C’était une très bonne expérience. J’ai découvert la Corée du sud de la meilleure façon. Je reviendrai. (Avec un autre logement) C’était génial! 감사합니다 🙂

A big THANK YOU to all our students for such positive feedback! It is with your constant support and motivation that keeps us all going. Here at Lexis Korea we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, and to receive such kind words from our students makes a huge difference so thank you.

Of course, there are times when we also receive constructive feedback and we really appreciate that so we can further improve and provide our students with the best possible experience.


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Adakah anda berminat untuk belajar Bahasa Korea sementara berkunjung ke Seoul?

Pada masa kini, Korea Selatan sangat diminati oleh remaja-remaja Malaysia. Sebenarnya bukan sahaja oleh rakyat Malaysia tetapi dari seluruh belahan dunia yang sedang demam Korea. Terdapat banyak peminat yang menggilakan drama Korea dan K-pop yang menampilkan artis yang kacak dan cantik.

Jika anda adalah salah satu yang termasuk dalam kategori penggemar mengenai Korea dan ingin belajar Bahasa Korea langsung di Korea Selatan, anda boleh mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menggunakan promosi kami (maklumat lanjut terdapat pada bahagian bawah post ini) untuk belajar di akademi swasta yang paling popular di Seoul.

Di Lexis Korea, kami menawarkan beberapa jenis kursus Bahasa Korea:

  • Kursus sepenuh masa kami dikenali sebagai Intensive Korean 25
  • Kursus separuh masa kami dikenali sebagai Intensive Korean 15


Kursus Intensive Korean 25 kami bermula pada pukul 9 pagi sehingga pukul 3.30 petang, manakala Kursus Intensive Korean 15 kami bermula pada pukul 9 pagi sehingga pukul 12.15 petang. Kedua-dua kursus dijalankan dari hari Isnin sampai Jumaat.

Kursus kami disediakan dalam kurikulum mingguan, membolehkan anda memulakan kursus pada mana-mana Isnin yang sesuai dengan jadual anda. Kursus kami tidak ada tempoh tetap jadi anda boleh mendaftar untuk seberapa minggu yang anda suka.


Bahasa Korea sama semacam Bahasa Melayu – ianya senang dan mudah untuk belajar. Tambahan pula, kelas-kelas kami kecil dengan purata 6~8 orang supaya setiap pelajar diberikan perhatian individu.

Guru-guru kami mesra dan menyediakan kelas dalam suasana pembelajaran yang menyeronokkan dan menarik untuk pelajar-pelajar sekalian.

Lebih-lebih lagi, kami juga menawarkan banyak activiti selepas kelas setiap hari. Jenis activiti yang kami tawarkan adalah:

  • Activiti luar seperti lawatan ke destinati pelancongan


  • Activiti kebudayaan yang memberikan anda peluang untuk belajar tentang pelbagai budaya dan sejarah Korea

FullSizeRender 2

  • Program pertukaran bahasa yang dikenali sebagai Lexis Meet Up dengan Lexis Student Night yang memberikan peluang kepada pelajar-pelajar kami untuk bertemu dengan orang tempatan Korea dan untuk berlatih bahasa Korea dalam suasana yang selesa dan mesra


Lokasi sekolah kami adalah di distrik Gangnam. Kawasan Gangnam dipenuhi dengan banyak pilihan untuk restoran, tempat membeli-belah, dan tempat untuk melepak bersama dengan kawan-kawan.

Anda juga akan mendapat peluang untuk berjumpa dengan kawan dari seluruh dunia kerana pelajar-pelajar kami datang lebih daripada 30 buah negara yang berbeza.


Mari mulaikan pelajaran pembelajaran Bahasa Korea anda dengan kami di Seoul. Kami menawarkan *promosi istimewa khas untuk pelajar baru dari Malaysia:

  • Dapatkan 15% diskaun ke atas yuran tuisyen jika anda mendaftar untuk 4 minggu ke atas

  • Jika anda mendaftar untuk 24 minggu ke atas, dapatkan 15% diskaun ke atas yuran tuisyen dan tawaran rebat tiket penerbangan anda sehingga KRW300,000

Pemegang pasport Malaysia tidak memerlukan visa untuk melawat Korea Selatan dan tempoh menetap maksimum adalah 90 hari.

Jika anda berminat untuk mendaftar lebih daripada 90 hari (lebih kurang 12 minggu), anda dikehendaki untuk keluar dari Korean Selatan (sama ada kembali ke Malaysia ataupun negara berdekatan seperti Jepun atau Hong Kong) dan kembali semula untuk melanjutkan tempoh menetap 90 hari lagi. Dalam kes ini, kami akan menawarkan rebat untuk tiket penerbangan anda untuk jumlah tidak melebihi KRW300,000.


Setakat ini sahaja dari kami dalam blog ini. Jika anda ingin mendapati informasi lanjut mengenai kursus Bahasa Korea yang kami menawarkan, ataupun proces pendaftaran kami, sila hubungi kami melalui e-mel kepada info@lexiskorea.com

Sekian, terima kasih! Kamsahamida. 🙂

*Terma & syarat: Sila ambil perhatian bahawa promosi ini adalah sah untuk pelajar pertama kali sahaja.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When can I sign up? Is there an enrolment deadline?

A: There’s no enrolment deadline as we run a weekly curriculum. You may apply at any time, and start on any given Monday.

Q: What is the application process? How can I enrol?

A: Trust us; it’s as easy as ABC! All we need is for you to complete the enrolment form & submit the completed copy to enrol@lexiskorea.com. For further information, you may refer to the step by step chart below:

enrolment process

Q: What is the difference between Intensive Korean 25 and 15?

A: Intensive Korean 25 is a full time course and Intensive Korean 15 is a part time course. Students from Intensive Korean 15 and 25 share the same core classes in the morning. The only difference is the addition of the skill focused option classes that run during the afternoon session – please refer to timetable below:


Q: What language are the classes conducted in?

A: All classes are conducted in Korean.

 Q: I am an absolute beginner. If the classes are conducted in Korean, will I be able to understand the class?

A: Our class lessons are designed according to the appropriate level so be rest assured that you would surely be able to understand the lessons. Many of our teachers are multilingual so if the need arises, they will be able to assist you in other languages.

 Q: How do I know which level would best suit my current language ability?

A: On your first day of school, you will undertake a placement test which will enable us to assign you to the most appropriate class according to the results.

Q: What are the entrance requirements?

A: There are no pre-requisites required. Everyone is welcome to join us!

 Q: Do I need a visa to study at Lexis Korea?

A: Depending on the country you are from, you may or may not require visa to travel to South Korea and/or study at Lexis Korea. Please find more information on our ‘Getting Visa’ page on our website.

 Q: As a [insert country name] passport holder, I am allowed to stay in South Korea for up to 90 days. However I wish to study for more than 12 weeks at Lexis Korea. How can I extend my visa to stay in South Korea for longer than 90 days?

A: Majority of our students who wish to extend their stay in South Korea (beyond the maximum duration allowed) usually exit the country either to their home country or to nearby countries for a short weekend trip. They then re-enter South Korea and will be allowed another 90 days of stay.

Q: What do I need to bring on my first day of school?

A: You will need your passport, required notebook/stationery. You may also wish to read about what to expect on your first day at Lexis Korea here.

If you have any further questions that is not on the list above, please feel free to email us at info@lexiskorea.com and we will be able to assist you. 🙂

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What our students have to say…

We had a couple of students who finished their Intensive Korean courses with us last week, and whilst we are sad to bid them goodbye, we are very glad to have received great feedback from them. Here’s what they have to say:


“The teachers are the best part of this experience. They engage the class using various methods to make sure the students understand. They always explain things thoroughly and were very patient with the students. They are fun, yet keep learning a priority. It was also fun to meet students from all around the world with the same goal – learning the Korean language. I wish I could stay much longer but I hope to come back and study for a much longer next time.” – Dana Particka



“The first day I came to Lexis Korea, the people were helpful, welcoming and lovely. In class, the teachers are all friendly and it’s very nice when the teachers give students their Kakaotalk ID because I feel like I could ask her for help anytime and anywhere I go. Also, I feel our relationship is closer and more connected. I love Seoul and Lexis Korea very much. Thank you so much for giving me such good experiences and fun time in Korea.” – Emma



“I really enjoyed everything about Lexis Korea. The school is organised and the school staff is professional. I liked my teachers a lot, so I have many positives to say. I will however sum it up in two words: patient and professional. The curriculum was presented in an easy and understandable way (by topic) and I really enjoyed my lessons. I hope to come back soon.” – Krystel Hillbish

Thank you very much our lovely students for the kind words about the school, our teachers and staff members. The pleasure is ours; we are very pleased to know that you’ve all had a good time whilst studying here at Lexis Korea. We hope to see you again in the near future! 🙂


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