I really enjoyed everything about Lexis Korea. The school is organised and the school staff is professional. I liked my teachers a lot, so I have many positives to say. I will however sum it up in two words: patient and professional. The curriculum was presented in an easy and understandable way (by topic) and… Continue reading Krystel from United States

Krystel from United States

Amazing city, never got bored here. There is always something to do. I love Lexis’s weekly system. It is very practical and adaptable for everyone.

Maximo Santos Martinez from Spain

I have loved my short time at Lexis Korea. I feel that in just one week my Korean has improved significantly and I have greater understanding of the language. The facilities and location of Lexis are excellent, all staff I spoke to were very helpful and friendly. I made some great friends who I will… Continue reading Ame from United Kingdom

Ame from United Kingdom

렉시스 코리아를 다른 한국어 학원들에 비하면 한국어 수업이 더 좋은 것 같아요. 홈스테이 너무 잘해셔주고 음식이 너무 맛있었어요 , 저에께 한국인 가족인 것 같았어요. 아프면 너무 걱정 되고 잘 챙겨 줬어요. 한국 홈스테이 와 정이 들었어요.

Defne from Turkey

I spent one month in Seoul, South Korea and visited Lexis to study Korean. I studied basic grammar and vocabulary and can already use the language in daily life to some extent. I also had the opportunity to visit many monuments in Seoul. Together with my friends, I also went to Pusan over the weekend.… Continue reading [Tabitha Steiner from Switzerland]

[Tabitha Steiner from Switzerland]

When I first arrived in Seoul, I don’t know what to expect. I was nervous and anxious whether I will have new friends, will I be lonely, will I learn a lot, will I have fun. But I met so many new friends, learnt new things, experienced local life and so on. I think my… Continue reading Audrey Clarissa from Indonesia

Audrey Clarissa from Indonesia

  Lexis is a great school for those of any level while creating warm and helpful environment for the student. Though it’s small, it helps build a more intimate classroom dynamic to help you learn and make long term friends, in and out of the classroom. Though I have been in Lexis Korea inconsistently, I… Continue reading Min, Eunice from United State

Min, Eunice from United State

What an incredible, unforgettable experience! Although I am happy to be going home, I am sad to leave. I have made some special friendships and met amazing teachers who love teaching their language and culture to those wanting to learn. Who knows when I will be able to come back to this wonderful country, but… Continue reading [Brendan Rice from United States]

[Brendan Rice from United States]

I had a great experience in Lexis Korea. I would definitely do it again. I made great friends and learned a lot of Korean. Although I wish there had been more interaction with the Korean students. I have no complaints and I am satisfied with my trip. Thank you for the opportunity.

[Fleur Stubbe from Belgium]

Great time in Seoul as always. I like coming to Lexis to brush up on my rusty Korean. I would recommend 100% to anyone looking to learn or improve their Korean language knowledge.

Nina Treichler from Switzerland