I met many ews people and made some really good friends. The classes were fun and I learned a lot. Also, the teachers were very nice and they are always there to help you. I would love to come again if i have enough money! 🙂

Stephanie Eckert from Germany

As I’ve been here in Seoul and Lexis before and had a really good time while studying, I decided to join Lexis once again to improve my Korean. The 8 weeks I spent here helped we learn a lot of new things from new vocabulary to  grammars and know how to behave in certain social… Continue reading [Carolin Pommerening from Germany]

[Carolin Pommerening from Germany]

Amazing city, never got bored here. There is always something to do. I love Lexis’s weekly system. It is very practical and adaptable for everyone.

Maximo Santos Martinez from Spain

I recommend Lexis Korea to those who want to study Korean. The equipment at the academy and the teacher’s are highly qualified. I think Korea and Hong Kong have similar life rhythms which are fast. So I thought it would be OK to live here. If I have a chance next time, I will go… Continue reading [Hang-Yee Yeung from Hong Kong]

[Hang-Yee Yeung from Hong Kong]

Lexis Korea Seoul is a first-rate, high-quality school in which to study Korean. The office staffs are open, welcoming and helpful. The instructors are knowledgeable and kind. This has been my third study visit to Lexis and thanks to the vigor and professionalism of the teaching crew, I can see progress in my skills. In… Continue reading Glenn Klepic from United States

Glenn Klepic from United States

I really enjoyed everything about Lexis Korea. The school is organised and the school staff is professional. I liked my teachers a lot, so I have many positives to say. I will however sum it up in two words: patient and professional. The curriculum was presented in an easy and understandable way (by topic) and… Continue reading Krystel from United States

Krystel from United States

Immersion in the Korean culture with an Home-stay and by going to classes really helped my understanding(listening and speaking skills), and I could fully enjoy my stay even if it was for a short time. I really loved this experience, for learning, discovering, meeting new people with a different culture, and just enjoy Korea. Thank… Continue reading [Palmero Marie from France]

[Palmero Marie from France]

I had great time in Korea. The best place was Han River, and Kyungbok Palace.   Also, I made a lot friends who came from various countries, and had great time with them. Study Korean at Lexis was fun too! I learn a lot here. I will come back Korea, and Lexis! Thank you Lexis!

Paul Stephan from Germany

I had an amazing time here. My self-studies Korean became far more natural. It became easier to speak without thinking. The classes were fun. Time went by far too quickly. I met a lot of great people. Thank you!

Emily Nelson from Australia

렉시스 코리아를 다른 한국어 학원들에 비하면 한국어 수업이 더 좋은 것 같아요. 홈스테이 너무 잘해셔주고 음식이 너무 맛있었어요 , 저에께 한국인 가족인 것 같았어요. 아프면 너무 걱정 되고 잘 챙겨 줬어요. 한국 홈스테이 와 정이 들었어요.

Defne from Turkey