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Lexis Seoul 2020 Monthly Activities

Our Monthly Activities are updated on a monthly basis and you will be able to find the updated calendars here on our Facebook page.

Below is a quick rundown of the activities that we offer and an explanation of what they are:

On Mondays, we run Gangnam City Tour specifically for our new weekly intake students as a mean to introduce Gangnam and to help them familiar themselves with the area surrounding school.

On Tuesdays, we run Lexis Help Desk to help you with your life in Korea, be it for flight bookings, concert ticket reservations, or any enquiries you may have about applying for your Alien Registration Card (ARC), opening a bank account, getting a prepaid mobile SIM Card… whatever your concern is, we are there to help you!

Thursday are meant for social activities whereby we run Lexis Meet Up bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th week of the month.

Lexis Meet Up is a language exchange event that we have set up and have running for a couple of years now. This social event brings together both our International students as well as local Korean students together – this is a great chance not only to meet and befriend new friends but also practice your speaking/listening skills with the native speakers.

On Fridays fun days, we offer students the choice to pick from 3 different options!

OPTION 1: K-Class

This option would be most suited for students are who keen on learning more about our Korean culture. Weekly activities would range from:

  • Korean Kitchen, held within the school facilities, we will be introducing Korean food and ingredients to our students. This is a hands-on class where you will get to learn how to make a Korean dish! This option class is offered to Intensive Korean 25 students at no additional cost, whereas students from Intensive Korean 15 course would be required to pay a small fee of KRW5,000 to participate.
  • Korean Culture, which could range from Korean traditional fan making, Korean traditional calligraphy class, Korean traditional tea ceremony, Korean traditional kite-making, etc. Majority of this option classes would be offered to Intensive Korean 25 students at no additional cost, except for the Korean traditional tea ceremony conducted outside of school with a cost of KRW10,000. Students from Intensive Korean 15 course would be required to pay a small fee ranging from KRW5,000 for majority of the classes and KRW10,000 for Korean traditional tea ceremony should they wish to participate.

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  • K-Pop Dance, which has been a very popular activity amongst our young K-pop fans! There will be no additional charges for Intensive Korean 25 students but a small fee of KRW12,000 will incur for Intensive Korean 15 students who wishes to participate in this class.
  • K-Sports, alternating between Taekwando and Archery.  As these activities are conducted outside of the school with our affiliated partners, a participation fee would incur for all students. Intensive Korean 25 students would fork out a discounted participation fee of KRW10,000 for either activity, whereas Intensive Korean 15 students would pay the full participation fee of KRW18,000 for Taekwondo and KRW16,000 for Archery.

OPTION 2: Excursions

K-Star Road

The second option would be excursions to various destinations, to introduce a glimpse of Seoul to our students. Whilst there are some destinations that offer free entrance fee, there may be certain attractions that would incur an entrance fee which will be borne by the student. 

OPTION 3: Clubs

This option class is offered free of charge for both Intensive Korean 25 and 15 students. We alternate between Job Club, Study Group, K-Pop & K-Drama as well as Native Korean on rotations.

And of course, we always wrap up our month with a bang! On the last Friday of every month, we hold a dinner party which we have dubbed as ‘Lexis Student Night’ gathering both our international and Korean students. Our Student Nights have been known as the legendary night of bonding as it involves good food, beer and soju. This is a night not to be missed! 😉

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our activities – we surely can’t wait to share not only the Korean language but also our Korean history, culture and tradition with you. So please do join us and be a part of these activities! See you there!

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