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Korean Idiom: 사차원


The term 사차원 describes a person with unconventional thinking and behavior. As they think differently from others, often we find it difficult to understand them, let alone try to predict what they have in mind. Even if you meet someone whom you reckon is a 사차원, please make sure you don’t go around calling others 사차원 even if they are eccentric in their own way as it isn’t a very nice thing to say. 사차원 is a derogatory term and for some, it can be considered offensive.

사차원은 다른 사람들과는 다르게 생각하거나 행동이나 말이 엉뚱하고 특이한 사람들에게 사용하는 한국어 슬랭이에요. 사차원인 사람들의 행동과 말은 예측할 수 없고 이해하기가 어려워요. 하지만 사차원이라는 표현은 조금 부정적인 표현이에요.

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