Madli from Germany

The teacher was always giving her best and made the students want to learn more and more. Therefore the atmosphere during the classes was great and also encouraged the students to improve on their Korean skills. I could not have asked for a better teacher. She was really motivated and engaged well with each and ever student and the personal requests and requirements. In addition to that, she always explained things very well and gave the students enough time to understand everything. Furthermore, her own motivation encouraged the students to work even harder.

I had a wonderful time in Seoul, of which Lexis Korea was of course a huge part. Although coming to a new place is always a hurdle, I got used to the environment very quickly. Through Lexis, I found friends very quickly and got to know the language, as well as the city and its people. Looking back at the experience, I’m very thankful for all the possibilities and services provided and hope to study with Lexis Korea again.