Meet the neighbours – WA Bar 와바

Fancy a quiet pint at the end of the day?  Try the WA Bar!


There are some sensational spots in Seoul for a big night out…and we’ll have a great time sharing them with you!  Every once in a while, though, you want a quiet drink with friends.  Our favourite choice for that ‘recovery night’ is the WA Bar.  The Wa Bar is a huge chain of western-themed bars that are mushrooming up all over the country.  There are various branches around Gangnam, the nearest just a few minutes’ walk to Lexis Korea.

Koreans tend not to mix so much when they are out with a group, so it can be difficult to strike up a casual conversation in a bar.  This never seems to be the case at the WA Bar, though, where the usual rules just don’t seem to apply.  Say hello to the group next to you and see where the night takes you!

The other great feature of the WA Bar is the range of beers from around the world.  You don’t just order from the bar – rather, you can just help yourself to a stunning selection of international beers from huge ice-containers around the room, and your waitress will tally up the total at the end of the night.

Hint:  Belgian or German beer fan?  The WA Bar has a great range at the best prices in Seoul.