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Survival Korean : 삼계탕만들기 / Make Samgyetang

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몸에 좋고, 맛도 좋은 삼계탕만들기! 재료사오기부터 만들기까지 학생들이 한국어로 진행하였어요! 보영선생님과 민, 사오리, 프래는 이번 여름 건강하게 보낼 수 있을거에요!

Samgyetang, sometimes called chicken ginseng soup, is an energizing soup-based dish. It is traditionally served during the summer for its nutrients which can easily be lost through excessive sweating and physical exertion during the hot summer.

Prepare ingredients by the students ahead of time, they are given a demonstration in Korean on how to make the Samgyetang, and then they cooked their own dish.

Afterwards, they get to enjoy what they made. The cooking class is taught in Korean.