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2015.06.17 Lexis Korea Meet Up!

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한국어반과 IELTS 학생들이 함께 참여하는 렉시스의 대표 액티비티!
다양한 나라의 학생들과의 만남을 통해 한국어도 배우고 친구도 만들 수 있어요.
누구나 참여가 가능한 프로그램입니다.
Lexis Meet-up is the popular event at Lexis Korea!
Everybody is able to make great new friends from all over the world!
They were able to practice both their English and Korean skills while talking about raditions about their country which they came from or learn new fascinating information about Korea.
They all had a great time practicing Korean away from books!

One of the popular activity ‘Student Night’ is coming up next Friday!