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Long lasting friendship from Lexis Korea!


Our previous IELTS student Ms. So-yun, Lee is studying overseas now. She met Ms. Nicole, Anacleto Badotti in London last week! Nicole studied in Lexis Korea this time last year for 3 weeks. They became really good friends after they did language exchange several times.

Lexis Korea helps you to have native Korean friends while you study here! This is not a just language exchange between friends! We introduce you to others so it’s possible to have your best Korean friends here!

Lexis Koreaの英語コースで学んでいた、So-Yun は現在、イギリスに留学中。

その留学先、ロンドンで、先週So-yunはLexis Koreaの韓国語コースで勉強をしていたNicoleに再会を果たしたそうです。

NicoleはLexis Koreaで去年3週間勉強をしていました。その時、So-YunとNicoleは友達になり、ランゲージエクスチェンジも何度もしていました。


このようにLexis Koreaには、海外に興味をもっているローカルの韓国人が、一緒に勉強をしています。

Lexis Koreaで体験できるのは、ただのランゲージエクスチェンジという言語を学び合うパートナーとの出会いではなく、




Birthday cake and snow!

Happy birthday to Hayan who is studying English in the IELTS class!

Her friends from the Korean class surprised her with a cake before class.



Even though the Korean and international students do not have any classes together, there are any opportunities to interact such as the language exchange groups after class (where Korean and interantional students speak in English and Korean about certain topics which are provided by their teachers), monthly Friday night dinners and the overall friendly atmosphere at Lexis Korea where students can stick around after classes to study or talk with other students.

We always encourage both Korean and International students to interact and communicate both academically and socially!


The first snow has arrived in Seoul!
Although it’s freezing outside, Lexis Korea is nice and warm.
If you’re around Gangnam drop by to warm up with a cup of hot coffee and free wifi! 🙂