Seoul can be an expensive place to stay…

…unless you know a few little secrets


While hotel accommodation in Seoul can be a bit rough on the bank balance, there are actually some quite (read: very) cheap accommodation options available, right in the middle of Gangnam.

Most of our students, particularly the longer term stayers, choose ‘mini studio’ accommodation for their time in Seoul.  Our preferred option is located between Gangnam and Yeoksam Stations, about 15 minute’s walk to Lexis Korea.

Accommodation of this kind has good points and some less-than-good points.  On the positive side, it’s cheap. I mean, really cheap – rooms from just over US$100 a week, which is about 1/10th the price of a hotel room in the same area.  The rooms are clean, neat, well furnished and have private bathrooms.  They have free laundries on each floor, and lots of local students to practice your conversation skills with.  When you need a break from that, watch TV from home on the super-quick and entirely free internet.  There’s even free rice and kimchi in the (share) kitchen.


There’s really only one bad point – the rooms are tiny. And by tiny, I mean really, sit-on-the-toilet-to-have-a-shower tiny.  Imagine The Shire from Lord of the Rings suffering from unplanned high rise development, and these are the rooms our little hobbit friends would be staying in.

Assuming that you can live with that, Mini Studios are a superb option to base yourself in, with lots left in the budget for playtime.

Hint:  Didn’t you hear me?? Free rice and kimchi!  You can live for next to nothing!