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2015.12.14 | 렉시스코리아 New Students


이번주는 6명의 새로운 학생들과  렉시스에서 첫 수업을 시작했어요.
스위스에서 온 타릿, 마들린 / 일본에서 온 메구미, 쿠루미 / 중국에서 온 비니 / 브라질에서 다시 돌아온 니콜!!

이번주, 렉시스 신입학생들은 각자 다른 4개국에서 온 한국에 관심이 많은 학생이에요. 신입 학생들을 만나면 반갑게 인사해주세요. 환영합니다!

6 new students commence their studying at Lexis Korea from this week.
Thawrit and Madeleine from Switzerland, Megumi and Kurumi from Japan, Xingran from China, and Nicole returns from Brazil !!

6 students are from 4 different countries! They are interested in learing Korean and Korea culture. Please say ‘Hello/안녕하세요’ and big welcome to our new students.We hope you have and great memories and good experience with Lexis Korea!


My Seoul – 홍대앞

Ready for a big night out?  Check out Hongdae for all the action!


If the glitz of Gangnam is wearing you down, it might be time to give Hongdae a visit.

A hangout for university students and the unkempt, the Hongdae area is known as a bit of an ‘alternative’ area in Seoul, with urban street arts and a vibrant underground music scene.

Despite the recent explosion of upmarket brand shops that pushed alternative artists back towards Hapjeong Station, new indie rock bands show up every year and the area still has a well-earned reputation as the city’s top spot for indie musicians. YG Entertainment, the major K-Pop agency is also located near the street, if you fancy your chances at a K-Pop career.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings the nightlife gives way to Seoul’s best flea markets, with a particular emphasis on art.  After a morning shop, visitors find themselves a meal at one of the countless ethnic restaurants in the area.

The biggest night of the week in Hongdae remains “Club Night”, an institution in the late 90’s that has recently gone through a huge revival.  On Club Night, all the clubs in the area offer entry for the price of a single ticket, and Hongdae draws clubbers and revellers from all over the city.  You have to go to at least one Club Night while you’re in Seoul….your  Lexis classmates won’t let you miss out!!

Want more? Join the debate….Which is better for a night out, Hongdae or Gangnam??

Getting there – Hongik University Station (Line 2).  Take exit 9.  Brace yourself.

Hint – Overdone it?  Get a couple of hours sleep in a DVD Bang for just a couple of thousand Won.  There are hundreds of these in the area.