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2015.12.14 | 렉시스코리아 New Students


이번주는 6명의 새로운 학생들과  렉시스에서 첫 수업을 시작했어요.
스위스에서 온 타릿, 마들린 / 일본에서 온 메구미, 쿠루미 / 중국에서 온 비니 / 브라질에서 다시 돌아온 니콜!!

이번주, 렉시스 신입학생들은 각자 다른 4개국에서 온 한국에 관심이 많은 학생이에요. 신입 학생들을 만나면 반갑게 인사해주세요. 환영합니다!

6 new students commence their studying at Lexis Korea from this week.
Thawrit and Madeleine from Switzerland, Megumi and Kurumi from Japan, Xingran from China, and Nicole returns from Brazil !!

6 students are from 4 different countries! They are interested in learing Korean and Korea culture. Please say ‘Hello/안녕하세요’ and big welcome to our new students.We hope you have and great memories and good experience with Lexis Korea!


Friday Activity! Bukchon Han-ok village

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This Friday, students from Lexis Korea went to Bukchon where the famous Han-Ok(한옥, a traditional korean house) village is located. Our students not only took a tour around Insadong, but they also tried tradional Korean tea as well! All of our students had a great time learning about traditional Korean life.

Also this Friday, Student night is planned so anyone who wants to participate sign up at the front desk.