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Gyeongbokgung Palace ♥ 경복궁 나들이

오늘은 따뜻한 봄날이었어요.
날씨도 좋고 바람도 시원해서 경복궁에 놀러 갔어요. 😀

학생들 각자 원하는 전통 한복과 개량 한복을 대여해서 입고~
예쁜 사진을 정말 정말 정말~ 많이 찍었어요!! 📸

경복궁에서는 배경이 너무 예뻐서
어디에서 어떻게 찍든지 다 너무 예뻤어요~ 😍

태국 학생들은 오늘도 한국에서
특별하고 예쁜 추억을 하나 더 만들었어요.

꽃이 조금씩 피고 있어요. 🌸
꽃이 만개 했을 때 여러분도 경복궁에 한 번 가 보세요.
한국의 아름다움을 더 많이 느낄 수 있을 거예요.



Lexis Korea students on TV!

Students from the Korean class experienced something quite special this last week, appearing in not only one but TWO television programs.

The first was a segment for a program called Korea Today which will braodcast on Arirang TV on Wednesday this week (23rd) at 7:00 am (KST).

ImageThe students had a lot of fun dressing up like PSY and getting interviewed.

The second is for a program called 투게더 (Together) broadcasting on TVN mid November (official date and time TBA)

ImageThe Lexis Korea students met up with the TV crew and other participants from all over the world at Gyeongbokgung Palace to start their day.

collage2They were then taken to a beautiful traditional Korean style restaurant and experienced a table full (literally!) of traditional Korean food ranging from different types of kimchi, grilled fish, tofu soup, vegetables and pancakes. The food was delicious and the atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely.

collage3All the food was only the beginning of the adventure!
Next the students were taken to the Hanok Village which displays real hanok (traditional Korean houses) and traditional Korean activities.
The students got to experience decorating bows and arrows.
Dominic from Switzerland was very creative and decorated his bow with a Swiss and Korean flag!

The students also were able to try on hanbok (traditionak korean clothes) and looked magnificent!


As the day drew to a close, the group was taken to a rather unique place.
It was a hanok refurbished into a dentist/cafe/bar/live music venue.
The owner of the stylish venue was originally a dentist but wanted to share the beautiful hanok with more people so made a cafe-bar space.
Here the group enjoyed traditional Korean musical performances.

It was a great day for students to experience Korean culture and meet fellow foreigners living in Seoul!