I didn’t only learn Korean!



Thank you so much for this amazing time!
I didn’t only learn Korean, I’ve also make a lot of friends all around the world!
Thanks to the schedule I could practise my korean, not only on schedule but also during the free time.
The team is just awesome!!
I’m gonna miss you so much! 안녕히계세요~:)


I enjoyed being at Lexis Korea!


MS.Fichtner, Maren [Germany]

I really enjoyed my time here at Lexis Korea.

I got to know a lot of people and were able to make new friends.

I also enjoyed the classes because the teachers were more like friends than strict teachers.

It made the atmosphere in the classroom really comfortable.

My Korean improved a lot during my stay here in Lexis and I wish I could stay longer to get better at it.  I might come back another time to improve my Korean

All in all I enjoyed being at Lexis Korea a lot and hopefully there will be a next time 🙂