3rd Lexis Meet-Up!

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Our third Lexis Meet-Up was a great success! Students from Lexis Korea got together at the nearby Angel-In-Us coffee shop. Both Korean and foreign students participated and more then 40 people came yesterday! Everybody was able to make new friends while practicing both their Korean and English skills. After the Meet-Up, students went and enjoyed their night in Gangnam.

The Lexis Meet-up was a great opportunity for students to learn about foreign cultures while learning more deeply about Korea and its cultures. Everyone enjoyed the night and further notice on our next Lexis Meet-up will be posted here!


Notice! Upcoming Lexis Meet-Up!

Our next Lexis Meet-Up has been planned and here is our notice!

lexis meetup


Our next Lexis meet-up will be held at the same place as last time!

The address is : Angel-In-Us Coffee 26 Seocho-Daero 78-Gil

Date : 7:00pm Tuesday, August 12th-2014

Lexis Meet-Up is a language exchage program held in Gangnam,Seoul. more then 60 students participate everytime and make brand new friends from all around the world! Students practice their Korean and both their English during the night. Also they talk about things such as K-Pop, Korean Tourist attraction, Korean culture as well as information about the countries in which they originally come from! It is a great chance to make new friends from all across the world!