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COEX Aquarium ★ 코엑스 아쿠아리움

수요일에는 따뜻한 봄인데 눈이 왔어요.
그래서 태국 학생들은 아쿠아리움에 갔어요.

작은 물고기부터 해파리, 상어, 가오리, 악어, 펭귄, 문어~
무서운 피라냐까지! 볼거리가 정말 많았어요. 🐠🐟

그리고 다람쥐처럼 작은 동물들도 볼 수 있었어요.
동물들을 보면서 “귀여워~ 귀엽다~” 말하는 학생들이
선생님 눈에는 더 귀여웠어요. 😊

닥터피쉬 체험도 하고~ 악어거북이 밥 주는 것도 보고~
직접 만져보는 체험도 하고~ 가오리의 웃는 얼굴도 보고~
학생들이 너무 좋아했어요. 😍



Why choose “Mini studio” in Gangnam?


Many Lexis Korea students choose to stay in a mini studio for it’s great location – right in the heart of Gangnam.

The mini studio pictured above is located just approximately 15 minutes walk from Lexis Korea, and with a large group of students staying there, the atmosphere is fantastic!  Its prime location means you can have the best of everything that Seoul has to offer in the most dynamic area of the city.  Here you can experience unique restaurants, cafés and designer shops in Sinsa-dong, great shopping at Samsung in COEX, fun at Lotte World Theme Park or traditional culture at Bongeunsa temple& Seolleung ancient tombs, all within the Gangnam district.

Living in a mini studio is also a great chance for students to practice their Korean skills with locals and one another, and to really immerse themselves in the language and culture

Mini studio details

Room: The toilet/shower space, desk, chair, refrigerator, bed, mini closet are included in the space of about 5-7 meters squared. The photographs show the room where there is no a personal belonging or luggage. After these are put into the room, the room may feel smaller than the photo.

The laundry room and kitchen are both free, but shared facilities. Cooked rice, instant noodles and kimchi are usually provided for you to eat at anytime for free. Kitchen utensils such as pots and pans,knives, cutlery, dishes and cooking utensils are also provided.

As well as having a key to your own room, the entrance of the accommodation will be locked and security cameras are placed on all floors.

 For more information, please visit

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Meet the neighbours – COEX

Actually, not quite a neighbour since it’s a couple of subway stops away…but don’t miss it!


COEX is a sprawling complex of shopping, hotels, convention centre, aquarium, cinemas and restaurants filling more than 170,000 square meters of prime Gangnam real estate, making it by far Asia’s largest shopping mall.

Visited by an average of 140,000 people per day (blowing out to a staggering 250,000 each Saturday and Sunday), COEX is certainly not a place to come for a little solitude, but it really is Korea’s top destination for window shopping, wandering, expensive shopping and latte-sipping. 

COEX is also home to a huge convention centre, which hosts a huge number of shows and exhibitions during the year.  Some are quite cool and well worth a look, others ( “The Annual Public Service Fair” ) might be less riveting.

COEX is serviced by the Semseong Station on Line 2, making it an easy 5 or 6 minute trip from Lexis Korea.

Hint:  COEX is home to the City Air Terminal – you can check your bags and even clear customs control here and then head out to the airport at your leisure by Limousine Bus.  This makes COEX the perfect place to spend that last day after you’ve checked out of your accommodation and have an afternoon to kill before your flight.