I enjoyed being at Lexis Korea!


MS.Fichtner, Maren [Germany]

I really enjoyed my time here at Lexis Korea.

I got to know a lot of people and were able to make new friends.

I also enjoyed the classes because the teachers were more like friends than strict teachers.

It made the atmosphere in the classroom really comfortable.

My Korean improved a lot during my stay here in Lexis and I wish I could stay longer to get better at it.  I might come back another time to improve my Korean

All in all I enjoyed being at Lexis Korea a lot and hopefully there will be a next time 🙂



The best experience of my life!


Meet Caro Rodriguez, David Stiven [Colombia]

Korea is such an amazing country and the capital city(Seoul) is so perfect.

You will never be bored at Seoul and there will be always something to do.

I really enjoyed life in South Korea.

Lexis is a really good academy!!!

Classes are so clear. The teachers are so funny and they show their effort and hard work in every single class.

And I will never forget Sunny, Chloe and Charlotte.

They always try to help you, and every single day they receive you with a big smile.

In Lexis you also have the opportunity to meet Korean people.

Everyone was so kind and friendly to me.

I will never forget all this time I spend here in Seoul and Lexis.

Thank you~~ 감사합니다 ㅋㅋ