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2015.12.14 | 렉시스코리아 New Students


이번주는 6명의 새로운 학생들과  렉시스에서 첫 수업을 시작했어요.
스위스에서 온 타릿, 마들린 / 일본에서 온 메구미, 쿠루미 / 중국에서 온 비니 / 브라질에서 다시 돌아온 니콜!!

이번주, 렉시스 신입학생들은 각자 다른 4개국에서 온 한국에 관심이 많은 학생이에요. 신입 학생들을 만나면 반갑게 인사해주세요. 환영합니다!

6 new students commence their studying at Lexis Korea from this week.
Thawrit and Madeleine from Switzerland, Megumi and Kurumi from Japan, Xingran from China, and Nicole returns from Brazil !!

6 students are from 4 different countries! They are interested in learing Korean and Korea culture. Please say ‘Hello/안녕하세요’ and big welcome to our new students.We hope you have and great memories and good experience with Lexis Korea!


Make your own Christmas cards!

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Here’re the pictures which mentioned before!
Our students made hand-made Christmas cards for the activity!
And we have sent the cards to overseas.
Thanks for joining for the activity and we hope the cards arrive well
Merry Christmas!

Making your own Christmas cards will keep you in touch with far flung friends and family.
These days, it’s easy to create all kinds of Christmas greetings – eCards, newsletters, photo cards and more – and it can easily overwhelm people at one of the busiest times of the year. Making your own cards is still a satisfying thing to create and even nicer for someone to receive.