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Calligraphy class – 서예 수업

수요일에는 태국 학생들과
한국 문화 체험으로 서예 수업을 했어요~ 😊

서예 수업에서 필요한 ‘문방사우’도 배우고~
붓을 잡는 방법도 배웠어요~

그리고 학생들에게
자기 소개 쓰기, 캘리그라피 도전하기, 플래카드 만들기~
3가지 미션을 줬는데 너무 잘 했어요!!! 😍

각자 좋아하는 가수의 플래카드도
한국어로 멋있게 만들고~ 재미있는 시간을 보냈어요!! ❤️



The Beauty of Korean Calligraphy!

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Great cultural activities again at Lexis Korea 🙂

Korean calligraphy is the Korean tradition of writing or Chinese characters.

It is also called the ‘Seoye’. It has been performed in the east for more than three thousand years. It expresses the beauty but also the emotion of the writer by the character’ meanings and shapes. Therefore, the Korean calligraphy contains the writers’ individualities. Through repetitive practice, it is also considered as a type of mental training.

 What tools are needed?

There are four tools that are needed to perform the Korean calligraphy. They are paper, writing brush, ink stick, and inkstone. They are called the ‘Monbangsawoo’. Hanji, the Korean traditional paper, is usually chosen since it absorbs the ink and shows the accurate color of it.