Good news for German students!


Lexis Korea is now officially recognised for Bildungsurlaub!

In Germany, basically every employee who has been employed full-time in a company for at least 6 months has the legal right of making use of Bildungsurlaub. Within the scope of Bildungsurlaub you are entitled to five working days of educational leave, which you can usually sum up to ten days by combining it with the following year.

So how might workers spend their time? They could take a Chinese course in Beijing, pursue Italian studies in Sicily, or enroll in a computer course in a seaside town.  Our suggestion would be Korean in Seoul 🙂

The training doesn’t have to be technical or academic either, so long as it’s approved by the state you live in. Skills developed on a Bildungsurlaubliterally, “training vacation” need not translate directly to your job.

Lexis Korea has has officially been recognized for Bildungsurlaub, which means German employees can use their educational leave to study Korean at our school!

We hope to see many German students at Lexis Korea!!