English, Korean

Welcome to Lexis Korea!

Hello to our new students here at Lexis Korea!


This Monday new international students from Japan, Australia, Sweden, China, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, France and Tunisia have joined us here at Lexis Korea! It is always pleasing to see new students eager to learn Korean.

We hope you enjoy your time here in Korea while learning a lot about Korean culture and Korean language.

Also the raining season(장마) has come here in Seoul! For around a week or two heavy rain is expected nearly everyday. Although it may seem very gloomy and depressing during this time, Koreans enjoy the rain by having green-onion pancake(or known as pajeon,파전) with raw-rice wine(also known as makgeolli,막걸리).Yummy!

So just a heads up for those who plan to come to Korea during this season, prepare your umbrellas when you come.