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Korean Kitchen | 팥빙수만들기, Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit

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렉시스 코리안 키친, 무더운 여름을 날려버릴 팥빙수 만들기!
우유로 만든 얼음 빙수에 팥과 연유, 미숫가루와 떡, 과일통조림을 올리면 완성!
간다한 재료로 만들수 있는 팥빙수와 함께 시원한 여름 되세요.

Patbingsu is one of the most popular summer desserts or snacks in Korea.
It looks like a huge snow mountain in a bowl decorated with colorful fruits, sweet red beans and rice cake pieces and sweet creamy condensed milk.
If you feel exhausted from the heat in the summer, make this.
You’ll feel energetic again and your body temperature will cool down.
Add your favorite toppings to your patbingsu: fruit, jelly, rice cake pieces, roasted grain powder, ice cream, sweetened condensed milk.
Make your own style of homemade patbingsu and enjoy your summer!

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14 new student and 2 re-turn students!

2015.07.20 2015.7.20

Today, We have 14 new stduents and 2 of re-turn students who came from UK, Japan, France, Turkey, China, Italy, Australia, Sweden, USA and Spain!
Nice to meet you all and hope you have a great time with us!
오늘 새로온 에마, 사치코, 솔리, 부케, 고영, 카티아, 마르베, 야무르, 뎁라, 투체, 케이틀린, 요한나, 제이슨, 마리아, 효경 그리고 에드워드!
만나서 반갑습니다.
렉시스 코리아에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

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Lexis Korea Foundation Level : 있어요/없어요 [have, don’t have]

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Lexis Korea Foundation Level :

오늘 한국어 기초반에서 ‘있어요/ 없어요[have]’ 공부했어요. 친구와 함께 “무엇을 가지고 있어요?” 서로 물어보고 대답하는 연습을 많이 했어요. 우리 열심히 한국어 공부해요!

Day3 in the Korea Foundation class learned ‘have’,’do not have’. Our studnets asked and answered each other. Let’s practice more!