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Is it your first time here in Korea?
Don’t you know where abouts Gangnam is?
Don’t know the first thing about Korean?

Our Lexis team is here for you!
There is nothing to worry about your Korean study as long as you are with us.
We will not only guide you to study Korean but give you some practical information about Gangnam and Seoul areas.
Please refer to our nicely guided Orientation Packet.
The Orientation Packet will be given to freshers on the very first day, right before the orientation gets started.
Please don’t miss it because it is full of infofrmative sources for new commers.
Happy Seoul, joyful Gangnam with Lexis!

여러분 – 한국이 처음이에요? 한국어 공부가 처음이에요?

첫날 오리엔테이션 전에 모든 신입생들에게 전달되는 오리엔테이션 패키지에는 렉시스와 서울에 정보들이 많이 들어 있답니다.
즐겁고 행복한 서울, 강남생활 렉시스와 함께해요!

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14 new student and 2 re-turn students!

2015.07.20 2015.7.20

Today, We have 14 new stduents and 2 of re-turn students who came from UK, Japan, France, Turkey, China, Italy, Australia, Sweden, USA and Spain!
Nice to meet you all and hope you have a great time with us!
오늘 새로온 에마, 사치코, 솔리, 부케, 고영, 카티아, 마르베, 야무르, 뎁라, 투체, 케이틀린, 요한나, 제이슨, 마리아, 효경 그리고 에드워드!
만나서 반갑습니다.
렉시스 코리아에 오신 것을 환영합니다!

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서울숲 나들이 / Seoul Forest

2015.07.03 Seoul Forest 2015.07.03 Seoul Forest 1 2015.07.03 Seoul Forest 2 2015.07.03 Seoul Forest3 2015.07.03 Seoul Forest5 2015.07.03 Seoul Forest6

2015. 07. 03 서울숲 나들이 / Seoul Forest

문화예술공원과 생태숲, 체험학습원, 습지생태원, 한강수변공원 총 5개의 테마공원으로 이루어져서 볼거리 참여할 거리가 가득한 서울숲에 다녀왔어요. 다같이 자전거도 타고 누워서 책도 읽고 여유 있는 시간을 보낼 수 있었던 시간! 한국의 센트럴 파크로 불릴만 하죠?

Consisting of five parks spread over 1.16 million ㎡ of land, Seoul Forest is an eco-friendly zone appreciated not only by the people of the city but also those visiting Seoul. Seoul Forest is rapidly developing into the premium city-park of Korea like Hyde Park in London and Central Park in New York.

* Cultural Art Park  * Ecological Forest  * Nature Experiencing Study Field  * Wetlands Ecological Field  * Hangang River Waterside Park