VR games – VR 체험

2018년 3월 16일 금요일, VR 체험을 했어요~!

2명 혹은 그룹으로 함께 하는 좀비 게임, 활 쏘기 게임, 혼자 체험해 보는 고소공포증 게임, 스키

게임 등 여러가지 VR 게임을 하며 즐거운 시간을 보냈어요. 🙂

아직은 조금 쌀쌀한 겨울, VR게임을 하면 친구들과 재미있게 놀면서 운동도 할 수 있어요~!


Korean Kitchen- 호떡

한국 대표 겨울 간식 호떡을 직접 만들어 맛있게 먹는 시간을 가졌어요~
동글동글 반죽 빚기로 다들 신나 했네요~

누르개로 호떡을 직접 만들 때는 더 재미있었어요~
아이스크림, 과일과 같이 먹으니 더 달콤한 호떡을 먹을 수 있었어요~~


Korean Culture – 한복&차

여러분은 한국의 전통 옷 ‘한복’을 입어 본 적이 있나요?

렉시스 코리아 학생들은 렉시스 코리아의 korean culture class를 통해  한국의 전통 옷 ‘한복’을 입어 봤답니다.

렉시스 코리아 선생님께서 고름 매는 방법을 설명해 주시고 학생들이 직접 고름도 예쁘게 매어 봤어요. 처음에는 조금 어려워 했지만 두 번 정도 연습하니까 모두들 다 잘 했어요.

한복을 입고 한국의 인사 방법인 ‘절’도 배웠어요.   고운 한복을 입고 절하는 모습이 정말 예쁘지요?

이 날은 조금 특별하게 렉시스 코리아 선생님께 한국의 전통차 마시는 방법도 배웠어요. 장난끼 가득했던 학생들도 차를 따라줄 때는 정말 진지했답니다. 한복을 입고 전통차와 다과를 먹으면서 서로 이야기하고 사진도 찍으며 즐거운 시간을 보냈습니다. : )




Korean Kitchen – 파전과 김치전을 만들어요!


오늘은 렉시스 코리아 학생들과 함께 파전과 김치전을 만들었어요!

파, 김치, 달걀, 부침가루, 새우만 있으면 요리를 못하는 사람도 쉽게 뚝딱 만들 수 있어요.

파전과 김치전은 만들기도 쉽고 맛도 있어서 모두 즐거운 시간을 보냈답니다~

자기가 좋아하는 재료를 넣어서 나만의 요리로 만들 수도 있으니까, 집에서도 도전해 보세요!



February After Class Activities

2018 02 Seoul

Lexis Seoul’s monthly activity calendar is updated for February! And we’ve got a great line up of activities for you. Below you can find more detailed explanation of the activities we have.

On Mondays, we run Gangnam City Tour specifically for our new weekly intake students as a mean to introduce Gangnam and to help them familiar themselves with the area surrounding school.

On Tuesdays, we run Lexis Help Desk to help you with your life in Korea, be it for flight bookings, concert ticket reservations, or any enquiries you may have about applying for your Alien Registration Card (ARC), opening a bank account, getting a prepaid mobile SIM Card… whatever your concern is, we are there to help you!

Wednesdays are meant for social activities – we have Meet Up and Study Group on alternate weeks.

Our Study Group offers student the chance to meet students from other classes & study together. A teacher would also be present so this provides you with the opportunity to ask questions you may have when self-studying.

Lexis Meet Up is a language exchange event that we have set up and have running for a couple of years now. This social event brings together both our International students as well as local Korean students together – this is a great chance not only to meet and befriend new friends but also practice your speaking/listening skills with the native speakers.

As for Thursdays, we have various after class activities and they differ each week.

  1. WEEK 1 – JOB CLUB: For those on appropriate visas that enables you to work whilst in South Korea (such as working holiday visas), we are able to help you with your resume writing & seek part time jobs.
  2. WEEK 2 – MOVIE DAY: Catch a movie with your school mates here at school. We will be showing Korean movies (with English subtitles) – take it as a listening practice!
  3. WEEK 3 – NATIVE KOREAN: There are many various Korean dialects used in different areas and cities. Learn the different dialects and slangs (such as 짱! 헐! 대박!) used by the locals to impress your Korean friends.
  4. WEEK 4 – K-POP & K-DRAMA: Learn Korean through K-pop music lyrics and popular K-drama dialogues is a good (and we believe a very fun) way to improve your speaking/listening skills.

Last but not least – Fridays!! Friday Funday~

On the 1st and 3rd week of the month, we would have excursions and daytrips, with the destination varying each month, to introduce glimpse of Busan to our students.

On the 2nd week of the month, we have introduced Korean Kitchen, held within the school facilities, we will be introducing Korean food and ingredients to our students. This is a hands-on class where you will get to learn how to make a Korean dish!

student night
And of course, we always wrap up our month with a bang! On the last Friday of every month, we hold a dinner party which we have dubbed as ‘Lexis Student Night’ gathering both our international and Korean students. Our Student Nights have been known as the legendary night of bonding as it involves good food, beer and soju. This is a night not to be missed! 😉

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our activities – we surely can’t wait to share our Korean history, culture and tradition with you. So please do join us and be a part of these activities! 🙂