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Lexis Korea Activities for July, 2016

Lexis Korea- Acitiviy Canlendar 7

Monday  Gangnam City Tour -For new comers of Korean Classes. You can see the most popular sights in Gangnam.


  • 7th Movie Night  – (Hollywood movies) – Starts at 7 in the evening at the student lounge. You can bring your own beverages. Liquor is allowed.
  • 14th Sing-along Day – get a chance to listen to the latest K-POP music and sing along together. You can learn useful and practical Korean expressions from the lyrics of the most prequently requested K-POPs.
  • 21th Soap Opera Day – watch popular Korean soap operas requested by students.
  • 28th Korean Movie Day: watch Korean movies with Korean subtitles.

Wendnesday 1st, 15th and 29th

Lexis MeetUp : this conversation club offers international students an opportunity to meet Korean friends.


  • 2nd: bring it on! hot fiery noodles! A competition will be held to students to eat Korean hot spicy noodles. Let’s see who will finish up the fastest.
  • 9th Join the Job club –  from 3:40 on ~ till needed, this programme is designed to assist jobseekers to enter/re-enter employment in Korea. Our support team will help you write your CV.
  • 16th Korean etiquette class – you can experience interesting Korean cultures and customs. You will learn Korean manners for everyday life.
  • 23rd Book club – we will guide you to the KYOBO book store. Have a spend spree on books you want to read!
  • 30th Arm Wrestling Competition – at lunch time / in the lounge on 11th floor/ who will be the winner at arm wrestling?


  •  3rd. Seoul Forest – we will go on a picnic to the most famous forest in Seoul.
  • 10th let’s make 팥빙수[Pat bing su]  – you can make 팥빙수which is the most popular Korean dessert by yourself. Just give it ago !
  • 17th Student Night- this is the biggest event of all at Lexis. Both international and Korean students gather together and hangout at pubs around the school.
  • 24th Flea Market – you can bring your items that are no longer of use for you and sell or exchange them with other second-hand items from your classmates.
  • 31st Korean Traditional Music Day – you can try Korean traditional costumes and play traditional Korean musical instruments.





毎週月曜日 カンナムツアー


7日 夜間映画鑑賞(ハリウッド映画);19時より学生ラウンジにてビールを飲みながら鑑賞。

14日 K-POPデー;学生たちが好きな歌を選択し歌詞を習って歌えるようになろう!

21日 ドラマデー;学生たちが希望する韓国ドラマを鑑賞。

28日 映画鑑賞(韓国映画)


1日、15日、29日 ミートアップ


2日 ブルタクポックン麺(辛いラーメン)早食い競争

9日 ジョブクラブ

16日 韓国礼儀作法教育

23日 読書クラブ;みんなでキョボ文庫(本屋)へ行き、


30日 腕相撲大会;昼休み時間に学生ラウンジにて行います。


3日 ソウルの森

10日 パッピンス(カキ氷)作り

17日 スチューデントナイト

24日 フリーマーケット;レクシスコリアにて 売りたいものを持ち寄り売買する

31日 国楽体験;演奏および伝統衣装体験が可能です。


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Friday Activity : 인사동 / Insadong

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The spring is already around us!

We’ve visited the special place in Insadong which is called SSamziegil.Ssamziegil has been marked as the ‘Special Insa-dong within Insa-dong’.

This unique area was designed in such a way by connecting its charming alleys in the form of a spiral-like stairway.As you do your window-shopping through the lovely, cozy stores all the way to the top, you will arrive at Haneulmadang where you can get a extraordinarily clear view of the sky.










#595 Ms. Yoshikawa Saori

Ms. Yoshikawa Saori [Japan]


Ms. Yoshikawa Saori (졸업사진)

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Ms. Mio Ohniwa [Japan]


Coming to Korea and studying at Lexis became one of the best experiences in my life. Not only study Korean, but I met friends from all over the world. Also all the stuff and teacher are so kind that you will soon feel very comfortable being here and even makes you stay here even longer!! If you are still considering coming here, I strongly recommend to come here 😉

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Lexis students on TV!

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렉시스 친구들 틸, 라스무스, 마코가 일본 요미우리 티비 유명 프로그램에 출연 했어요! 멋지고 자연스럽게 연기해서 모두들 놀랐어요! 정말 즐거운 경험이었어요!

 Students from Lexis Korea appeared on Yomiuri TV, famous Japanese’s TV show called ‘Exchanging Holidays.’ The very famous Japanese actress MS. NAKAMURA TAMAO and the famous comedian MR. ZINNAI TOMONORI became a couple and spent a week in Korea. Our students participated as a partner assisting the main female character to play roulette in a casino scene. Staffs paid high compliments to our students who played their parts naturally.

読売テレビの有名なテレビ番組 ‘休日を変えよう’ に私たちLexisKoreaの学生が出演します。日本の人気タレント中村玉緒さん、人気芸人陣内智則さんと韓国で撮影が行われました。学生たちはカジノの場面のアシスタントパートナーを演じました。撮影はごく自然に行われて、スタッフの方々にもお褒めの言葉をいただきました。学生たちにとってとてもいい経験となりました。撮影お疲れ様でした!