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K-Tour ▶ Gamcheon Culture Village

Today, our global group study team visited the Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan.

The village is basically a shanty town, but have been refined so that many other tourists can see its beautiful scenes and enjoy.

Probably the best-known or the most popular thing in this village is the Little Princess which was created by Saint Exufery.

In fact, we walked so hard this day because we were so many that we were concerned that mini green buses couldn’t take us all. So, we took a big bus, and instead, we took a lot of walk.

Sorry, everyone! But the green buses were too small considering that they are full of people when they carry them coming to the village.

Foods are the best. When I come here with students, I always see they buy something to eat.

As always, the scenery is great here.

Do you know Busan seas?

A chick doll is on her head! I remember that doll costed only 1,000 won! So cheap!

Every time I visit here, I see new items like that. Last time, there were no such cute dolls.

BTS! Jeongguk and Sugar? I have no idea, but anyway, it’s BTS!

Those pictures were taken so many photos by people, especially foreigners.

If you want to marry them, enjoy this village! You can kiss on the wall. 😉

What a nice scene that makes me want to jump down to fly!

What I personally like the most in this village is cats.

So many street cats are there, but many of them aren’t afraid of humans. I believe it is thanks to that most tourists are kind to them.

Somebody said before that we can see how people are nice by how they treat animals.

This means tourists and local people in Gamcheon Culture Village are so nice and gentle.


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