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K-Tour▶Beomeosa Temple

On the Jan. 6th Friday, Lexis Busan, we toured Beomeosa Temple (범어사).

The temple is located on the Mt. Geumjeong (금정산), Busan, and is one of the very old Buddhist temples in South Korea. It is one of the two most popular temples in Busan with Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동용궁사).

By the Busan bus 90, we arrived the entrance.

Like most other Buddhist temples are, it’s mountainous. In the past since the Joseon Dynasty, Buddhism had been suppressed by the government that they had had to move onto mountains or forests. This is the reason why most famous Buddhist temples are in mountain in South Korea.

With fresh water, we can walk on.

Hababi (하마비). In the past, people used to ride on horses. Hama (하마, 下馬) means “down-horse”, which actually means “get off the horse”. People used to get off from their horse when they see this stone.

There’re several gates in the temple site.

Gods playing bipa (비파, traditional guitar-like instrument).

I see that this temple has 삼국유사 (Samguk Yusa), one of the two historical books for ancient history of Korea, by that placard. It says the book is ready to be registered in Unesko.

Though winter is it, it’s pretty good. Probably spring or fall would be very pretty.

This doll was made by hanji (한지, Korean traditional paper).

Daeungjeon of the temple. Daeungjeon (대웅전) is the main building in a temple site.

What a nice way to walk on!

There were many agungi (아궁이: traditional Korean thing for cooking with fire).

Buildings has dancheong (단청: traditional painting used for formal buildings) patterns. This typical color combination is since the Joseon Dynasty.

Near the temple site lies so-caleld “rock sea (돌바다)”. As its name tells, it’s very rocky with fresh streams.

Rocky but safety. 🙂

No worry just walking

This large rock lies in the temple site, and is for wishes. Pray your wish and put your coin on the rock. If it stays there, then your wish will be made. 😉

Believe it or not. XD

Nice looking!

In a few decades ago, some Hong Kong movies were made partly in Korean temple sites, and Beomeosa was one of them. It was because traditional Korean architecture had many in common with Chinese architecture.

Kimcheese! 😉

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