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[22.07.15 Friday Activity] 덕수궁 Duksu Palace

You’ve already heard of Gyeongbok Palace, haven’t you?

여러분, 경복궁은 이미 들어본 적이 있죠?

Today, we went to another palace in Seoul, Duksu Palace!

오늘은! 다른 궁, 덕수궁에 갔어요!

This palace is smaller than Gyeongbok Palace, but it has its own signature architecture!

이 덕수궁은 경복보다는 작지만, 덕수궁만의 독특한 시그니처 건축물이 있는 곳이에요.

Let’s have a look.

Especially, this Duksu Palace has some historic story about the last King of Choseon Dynasty.

특히, 덕수궁은 조선왕조의 마지막 왕과 관련된 이야기가 많이 있는 곳이에요.

The signature architecture is that one!! looks little bit different, doesn’t it?

그 시그니처 건축물이 바로 이거예요! 다른 건물들과는 좀 다르게 생겼죠?

That’s because this architecture is the first modernized building in Korean palaces, which was built by a British architect.

이건 한국 궁에서 처음 만들어진 근대식 건물이에요. 조선 말기에 한 영국 건축가가 지었다고 해요.

And, we could also see a Korean traditional clock, Sundial, which was invented by King Sejong!

그리고! 세종대왕이 발명한 ‘해시계’도 볼 수 있었어요!

Let’s try many palaces in Seoul with Lexis!!

여러분도 렉시스와 함께 다양한 궁들에 가보는 게 어때요?

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