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[2022.05.13 Friday Activity] Let’s Dance! with PSY’s song!(K-POP Dance class)


오늘은 댄스 스튜디오에서 춤 전문 선생님과 함께 싸이의 노래로 춤을 배워 봤어요!

We learned K-POP Dance from a professional dancer with a K-POP song, ‘That That’ by PSY ! You know this?

싸이의 노래가 아주 빠르고 신나서, 조금 어려웠지만 재미있었어요!

His song is too high-tempo to dance, but we made it and it was very exciting!

학생들이 생각보다 매우 춤을 잘 춰서 깜짝 놀랐어요.

Our students danced very well and and enjoy a lot!

춤 선생님도 천천히 잘 가르쳐 주셔서 쉽게 배울 수 있었고 즐길 수 있었어요.

Dance teacher taught us step by step very well and we could learn easily and enjoy.

여러분도 렉시스에서 한글도 배우고, K-POP 춤도 함께 즐겨 보세요!

Let’s learn Korean Language and K-POP Dance as well in Lexis Korea

Shall we dance? with K-POP!

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