Lexis Activity

[FREE] Musical Drama – Only You

Lexis Korea students have been invited to this family-friendly production of musical drama ‘Only You’. This drama tells the story of a couple’s married life and through the light-hearted storyline, and actor’s sincerity, you’d be able to resonate with the many emotions expressed throughout the production.

Check out the production flyer in the respective languages below:


  • [2019.09.27 (FRI) 20:00] 10 pairs
  • [2019.09.28 (SAT) 18:30] 10 pairs
  • [2019.09.29 (SUN) 15:00] 10 pairs
  • [2019.10.2 (WED) 20:00] 10 pairs

REGISTRATION PERIOD: 16 September to 23 September 2019 ; by 5pm.

Tickets giveaway is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Students will be given 2 tickets per person and those who have been successful with their application will be notified via email on the 25 September.

# Young adults are recommended to watch the performance at 15:00 on 9/29 (Sun).
# Students are to arrive 20 minutes before the show to pick up the tickets on site.
# You must bring your ID card on the day of the performance to pick up tickets.
# Kindly note that this is not an official Lexis event and it is not led by Lexis instructor or staff.


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