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Talk Talk Korea 2019!

For those interested in Korean culture and language – this post is for you! We wanted to share a little about Talk Talk Korea 2019 – a global contest of Korea-related content that features various aspects of Korea. 

Talk Talk

※ About

Started in 2013, is the global contents competition organized by Korean Culture and Information Service(KOCIS) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA).
For this year’s event, we prepared 6 themes under 3 different sections. Participants can submit trendy Korea-themed content through videos, photos, illustrations, and webtoons.

※ Contest Categories and Submission Period

[SECTION 1 : June 21 ~ July 30] –  Talk About Korea (Video)

Any topics about Korea is fine. Tell us about Korea that you love.

* 10,000,000KRW (approx. $8500) prize money will be give

Hansik & I (Photography)

Express the charm of Korean food in various ways. Show us a picture of you with Korean food.

[SECTION 2 : July 8 ~ August 16] – Recommended Korean Songs (Video)

Recommend your favorite Korean songs. You can sing, dance, use instruments, cover the songs, reaction video, remix, or whatever type you prefer.

Illustrations of Peace (Illustration)

What comes to your mind when you think of peace in Korea? Please draw an illustration to pray for peace in Korea..

 [SECTION 3 : July 21 ~ August 29] – Speaking Korean (Video)

Boast your Korean speaking skills! You can make parody video of Korean dramas or movies, try tongue twisters in Korean, or show us your daily life using Korean!

Webtoon on Koreans (Webtoon)

Draw an webtoon(web cartoon) to show us the story about Koreans as seen by a foreigner!

– Participants can participate in more than one themes
– Multiple entries are accepted, but no duplicate entries
– High resolution files preferred

※ Prize

Grand Prize (6 winners): An Invitation to Seoul (5 Days)

– Including Air Ticket, Accommodation, Foods, Guide and More.
* One flight ticket per entry will be provided.
* Additional 10,000,000KRW (approx. $8500) prize money will be given to the grand prize winner of

Runner-up (114 winners): Laptop, tablet PC, bluetooth earphone, Online gift card

* One prize per entry will be provided.

Popularity Prize (6 winner): Smart watch




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