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How do I calculate the fees?

We often get asked about how to calculate the fees so we thought we would do a quick post on how to interpret our fees list.


Registration Fees – KRW150,000
This is a once-off payment that is applicable for NEW students only. This means if you’re a returning student, you will not need to pay for the registration fees again. Even if you have registered previously at our Lexis Busan campus, and are looking to re-enrol at Lexis Seoul, you will also not need to pay for registration fees again.

Tuition Fees
Our Intensive Korean 25 and 15 Courses are both priced on a weekly basis:


Depending on which course you opt for, and the duration that you intend to study for, the fees will vary.

For example, if you choose our Intensive Korean 25 course and you would like to study with us for 8 weeks, this is how the calculation would work:

KRW305,000 x 8 weeks = KRW2,440,000

Books & Materials Fees – KRW10,000 pw
Books and materials are also priced on a weekly basis at KRW10,000 per week for our Intensive Korean 25 and Intensive Korean 15 Courses.

You may find our fees list HERE for your perusal.

We hope this helps, but of course if you’ve got any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 🙂

*Please note that fees are subject to change per annual review.


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