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Win 4 Weeks of FREE Korean Classes

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We are currently running a giveaway on our Instagram account, giving away 4 WEEKS OF FREE KOREAN CLASSES to one lucky winner!

If learning the Korean language has always been on your to do list, make it your 2018 resolution and we will help you #makeithappen.

Competition Steps
All you have to do is to follow the steps as stated on our Instagram post HERE and you’ll in the draw. It’s pretty simple!

There are so many benefits in learning a new language, be it for work/business, for travels or simply for your personal growth and gaining new insights and learning a new culture.

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If you need more convincing, the above are the top reasons on why it is encouraged to learn a new language.

Learning a new language not only opens up a world of various opportunities, it also opens up a new window from which to look at the world and to think about things.

Hangul is easy to learn and you will be surprised to learn that Korean is the 17th most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 80 million native speakers.

Don’t procrastinate no more, learn Korean fast & fun with us at Lexis Korea! And how about give it a go and try your luck at winning some free classes to start? Good Luck!

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