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Kimchi Making Class / Kelas Kebudayaan Membuat Kimchi

Last Friday, we visited Museum Kimchikan (뮤지엄김치간) located in Insadong so our students can learn about the origin and history of Korea’s most traditional and signature dish – kimchi. Our students were educated on the different types of kimchi available according to season and region, as well as the nutritional benefits that kimchi offers.


They also offer Kimchi making class so you get to get your hands on learning the actual kimchi making process, which was very eye-opening for our students.


There is a professional kimchi making instructor who took us on a step-by-step process of making kimchi.


It was an eye-opening experience for our students who had so much fun learning about the kimchi making students, and actually trying it out for themselves; mixing the different ingredients together, and rolling the spices into the cabbage.


After we were done with making the kimchi, our students were given individual storage containers and they got to take home with them the kimchi that they made. Best souvenir to bring home, we reckon! 


Whilst some may find kimchi to be spicy and salty considering that it is a fermented dish, what do you think? Does kimchi suit your taste? If you too love kimchi like we do, this kimchi making class is highly recommended for those who would love to learn more about Korean’s most traditional dish.



Pada Jumaat lepas, bersama dengan beberapa pelajar-pelajar kami,  kami melawat ke Muzium Kimchikan untuk belajar tentang proses membuat kimchi dan menghadiri kelas kebudayaan membuat kimchi.

Jika anda suka makanan Korea, wajib untuk tahu apa itu kimchi dan lebih baik lagi kalau belajar proses untuk membuat hidangan tradisional Korea ini.


Di Lexis Korea, selain daripada kelas-kelas yang kami tawarkan, kami juga menganjurkan aktiviti kebudayaan untuk membolehkan pelajar-pelajar kami peluang untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang budaya Korea.

Pelajar-pelajar kami diberikan resepi membuat kimchi yang senang dan sedap. Ramuan membuat kimchi disediakan di sekolah dan cara membuat kimchi dijelaskan langkah demi langkah oleh pengajar.

Pelajar-pelajar kami masing-masing sibuk dan teruja! Selepas siap, hasil kimchinya dibungkus dan pelajar-pelajar dapat membawa pulang kimchi mereka sebagai cenderamata.


Kami percaya pengalaman terbaik untuk pelajar-pelajar kami adalah untuk belajar bahasa Korea sambil belajar sejarah dan budaya Korea.

Jika anda berminat untuk belajar Bahasa Korea langsung di Korea Selatan, anda boleh mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menggunakan promosi kami – maklumat lanjut terdapat pada post ini.

Sekian, terima kasih! Kamsahamida. 🙂

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