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Testimonials from our students

As we run a weekly curriculum, every Friday we have students who would wrap up their studies with us. We would pass on our Student Survey form to finishing students to get their feedback on their experience here with us.


Josefine really enjoyed her stay with us and had a lot to say about her class and teacher:

“I really liked my teacher’s teaching style. I liked that my teacher asked about differences in culture regarding the countries the student come from.”


Josefine also further shared:

“I already studied at Lexis Korea last year and learned a lot. That’s why I returned this year during my spring break. I had a lot of fun again and met really nice people. I enjoyed my time in Korea a lot and hope that I’ll be able to come back again soon.”


Our Taiwanese student, Wei-Ju who completed her course at Elementary level, left her feedback in Korean:

렉시스 코리아에 와서 좋은 선생님이랑 같이 공부 할 수 있어서 너무 행복해요. 렉시스 코리아 직원들이 너무 친절해요. 렉시스 수업이 끝난 후에 활동이 너무 많아서 재미있었어요. Meet up 하고 Student Night 이 있기 때문에 다른 나라 학생들과 만날 수 잇꼬 같이 이야기 하고 놀을 수 있어서 너무 행복해요.

We are pleased to know that you had such a positive Korean language study experience with us. In her feedback above, she went on to say that she is glad to have been able to come to Lexis Korea and study with a good teacher. She even said that the staff members at Lexis Korea are so kind. Wei-Ju also liked that we offered lots of different and fun activities. Amongst the many activities that we run, she liked Lexis Meet Up and Student Night activity the most as she was able to meet students from other countries.

Thank you for your kind feedback, Wei-Ju. We will work hard to keep providing our students with the best possible experience! 🙂


When asked about her experience in general, here’s what Lise had to say:

“My experience here was very good. School didn’t stop too late so I had time to visit and the activities suggested were very interesting. The location of the school is very nice too, making it easy to take the subway.”


Baptiste from France studied with us for 5 weeks and left his feedback in French as below:

When asked what did you like most about your class, he responded with:

  • Les professeurs à l’écoute et gentille.
  • La methodologie du cours.
  • L’organisation.

We also ask our students to share both positive and negative aspects of their teachers, but we always receive only positive feedback and this time, it is no different.

  • Disponible & à l’écoute (referring to how our teachers are always willing to help and listen to what our students have to say)
  • Souriante (smiling)
  • Joyeuse (bright)
  • Gentille (kind)

As we implement a Korean language only rule in class, we often wonder how our students cope with this rule. Here’s what Baptiste has to say:

Même si c’est difficile de tout comprendre, cela permet de progresser plus rapidement. Une bonne règle. (Even though it’s difficult to understand everything, it makes you progress faster! Good rule!)

And finally, with his overall experience, Baptiste we’re glad you had a good experience.

C’était une très bonne expérience. J’ai découvert la Corée du sud de la meilleure façon. Je reviendrai. (Avec un autre logement) C’était génial! 감사합니다 🙂

A big THANK YOU to all our students for such positive feedback! It is with your constant support and motivation that keeps us all going. Here at Lexis Korea we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, and to receive such kind words from our students makes a huge difference so thank you.

Of course, there are times when we also receive constructive feedback and we really appreciate that so we can further improve and provide our students with the best possible experience.


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