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EG SIM Prepaid Mobile Available for New Students

For new students who are keen to obtain a Korean prepaid mobile SIM card for use during your stay in South Korea, don’t worry, here at Lexis Korea, we’ve got you covered!

Lexis Korea has partnered up with EG SIM to provide the below package for our students:

EG SIM Package

The SIM comes in a one size fits – normal SIM card, micro SIM card & Nano SIM card:


There are a few things to note though:

  • EG SIM card is exclusively for foreigners only
  • Your phone has to be unlocked
  • One EG SIM applicable per user (registration required via passport)

Please see below for more details on user’s eligibility:


The SIM card is available for purchase on your first day, or on any given day at reception. If you require help with activating your SIM Card, please come see our Student Services team during our Lexis Support Class held every Tuesday afternoon.

For heavy users who will need to top up your credit, we also have KRW10,000 recharge cards available at reception. You may opt to allocate your top-up credit to either talk time or data – it is your choice! 🙂

So yes, now you can stay connected whilst in Seoul, without all that ridiculously crazy roaming charges! We look forward to welcoming you to Lexis Korea. 😉

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