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Korean Slang: 당근

4- 당근

당근 as a verb, means carrot however many use it as a slang for “of course”. This is because it shares the same beginning syllable ‘당’ as the Korean noun for the term ‘of course’ which is 당연. As the pronunciation for both words are rather similar, some people started using 당근 instead of 당연 just for fun and it has then stuck on as a slang. Most would usually use the term 당근 in place of 당연, mostly in phrases such as 당근이지 which literally translates to “It’s the carrot!”. This term however was used as a slang several years ago and isn’t as trendy anymore. Most people these days use the term 당연하지 (dang-yeon-ha-ji) instead.


여러분, ‘당근이지’라는 표현을 알고 계시나요? 당근은 토끼가 좋아하는 당근도 있지만 한국어의 관용 표현이기도 해요. ‘당연하지’라는 말과 소리가 비슷해서 말장난처럼 시작된 표현이랍니다. 당연하다는 말을 해야하는 상황에서 ‘당근이지!’로 바꿔 말해 보는 건 어떨까요?

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