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Korean Idioms: 딸바보

We’re introducing a new weekly series of Korean idiomatic and slang expressions. These phrases are commonly used in everyday conversation, so if you squeeze these into your conversations with your local Korean friends, you may surprise them with how much you sound like a native speaker.


딸 translates to daughter and 바보 means fool. Combining both words together literally translates to ‘daughter idiot’. This idiom however does not refer to the daughter, but the parent(s) instead. If the dad or mom (or maybe even both of them!) is being overprotective and constantly praising his/her daughter, he/she can be called a 딸바보. The next time you hear a parent shamelessly tell you how pretty, smart or capable his/her daughter is, you’ll know how to label them. 😉

여러분은 ‘딸바보’ 라는 말을 들어본 적이 있나요? ‘딸바보’ 란, ‘딸밖에 모르는 바보’ 라는 뜻으로 딸을 너무 사랑하는 엄마나 아빠를 칭하는 말입니다. 마찬가지로 ‘아들밖에 모르는 바보’ 라면 ‘아들바보’, 조카밖에 모른다면 ‘조카바보’ 라는 말도 사용할 수 있지요. 여러분 주위에는 ‘딸바보’ 나 ‘아들바보’ 가 있나요?

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