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2016. 03. 23. 수. Workshop – Study Group.

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Today’s workshop is a study group. A time to study together with your fellow students while having a teacher on hand. In Korean class it can be difficult to ask the teacher individual questions, but the workshop offers far more freedom. So get those questions ready and lined up. Also, students can have their pronunciation and intonation checked by a Native Korean. How cool’s that!

As well as asking questions and checking pronunciation, students can prepare for their level test or put some last minute adjustments together for their presentations.

So, please come and join us and let’s study Korean together!

여러분, 한국어 공부 열심히 하고 있나요? 숙제도 많고 시험도 준비해야 하죠? 이해하지 못한 부분이나 헷갈리는 내용이 있을 때는 혼자서 공부하기 어려울 때도 있을 거예요.

하지만 걱정 마세요!
렉시스 워크샵 액티비티에서 선생님에게 질문하면서 공부할 수 있답니다. 정확한 발음이나 억양, 헷갈리는 문법 등 수업 때 질문하지 못 한 모든 내용을 물어 보세요!

우리 다음 워크샵도 함께해요!

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