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천연염색 손수건 만들기 | Make a handkerchief by natural dyeing

IMG_2399 IMG_2374  IMG_2387 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2396 IMG_2397

무더운 이 여름, 땀을 닦아줄 손수건이 필요하죠?
천연재료로 염색하여 세상에 단 하나뿐인 나만의 손수건을 만들었어요!
각자의 개성이 보이는 손수건 만들기!

Natural dyeing is one of the oldest Korean traditions that harmoniously blend nature into daily lives.
Using ingredients like persimmon or anil (a plant used to make an indigo color), people have produced fabrics in many different delicate colors.
We got such a beautiful color from natural resources.
Thanks for join this experience of discovering the beauty of natural dye!

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