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Conversation2 Class | 음식 만들기 표현 / Cooking Terms

Cooking Terms Cooking Terms1 Cooking Terms2 Cooking Terms3

한국어로 음식 만들기를 하며 ‘볶다’ ‘자르다’ ‘다지다’ ‘삶다’ 등등 조리방법과 표현을 배워요.
토마토 스파게티를 함께 만들고 나눠먹으며 정확한 표현법을 다시 한번 공부해요!

Learn about Cooking terms in Korean as ‘볶다/fry’, ’자르다/cut’, ‘다지다/chop’, ‘삶다/boil’ through cooking in the class. The students cooked tomato spaghetti and used the expressions.

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