English, Korean

I’m sure we will meet again, right?

#756 Caitlin

Ms. Hildebrandt, Caitlin [ USA ]

My time at Lexis has now come to an end… Even thought I the saying good bye I’ll leave knowing that I made many memories and friends that I will never forget.
Because of Lexis I was able to learn a lot of Korean while getting the chance to explore Seoul!
There is so much I will miss about Korea. The people, language, food, culture..everything!
Because Lexis Korea is special to me I am sure that I will be back soon!
To all of my friends, teachers and everyone else at Lexis, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making my time here so unforgettable!
I’m sure we will meet again, right?
Until then stay healthy and happy!
다음에 다시 만나요! 약속해요!


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