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Elementary Class | ‘Tastes and floavors’

Elementary Class-Tastes and floavors Elementary Class-Tastes and floavors4Elementary Class-Tastes and floavors1 Elementary Class-Tastes and floavors2 Elementary Class-Tastes and floavors3

Students at the elemenatary class learned the topic ‘food and its tastes and flavors’.
Particularly for Korean language, there are tons of varied adjectives and expressions to describe tastes.
Therefore we are about to learn how to describe different tastes and flavors of food.
During the class, students will be given a chance to taste some popular Korean nibbles and handy bites like cookies, crisps and candies!

지난 주에 한국어반에서 음식과 맛에 대해서 공부했어요.
학생들이 좋아하는 한국 과자를 직접 맛보고 그 맛에 대해서 같이 이야기 하고 표현을 공부 했어요.
한국 과자를 좋아하나요? 그 맛을 한국어로 표현할 수 있나요?
쉽게 재미있는 한국어는 렉시스와 함께 해요!

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