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Lexis Korea Activities for July, 2016

Lexis Korea- Acitiviy Canlendar 7

Monday  Gangnam City Tour -For new comers of Korean Classes. You can see the most popular sights in Gangnam.


  • 7th Movie Night  – (Hollywood movies) – Starts at 7 in the evening at the student lounge. You can bring your own beverages. Liquor is allowed.
  • 14th Sing-along Day – get a chance to listen to the latest K-POP music and sing along together. You can learn useful and practical Korean expressions from the lyrics of the most prequently requested K-POPs.
  • 21th Soap Opera Day – watch popular Korean soap operas requested by students.
  • 28th Korean Movie Day: watch Korean movies with Korean subtitles.

Wendnesday 1st, 15th and 29th

Lexis MeetUp : this conversation club offers international students an opportunity to meet Korean friends.


  • 2nd: bring it on! hot fiery noodles! A competition will be held to students to eat Korean hot spicy noodles. Let’s see who will finish up the fastest.
  • 9th Join the Job club –  from 3:40 on ~ till needed, this programme is designed to assist jobseekers to enter/re-enter employment in Korea. Our support team will help you write your CV.
  • 16th Korean etiquette class – you can experience interesting Korean cultures and customs. You will learn Korean manners for everyday life.
  • 23rd Book club – we will guide you to the KYOBO book store. Have a spend spree on books you want to read!
  • 30th Arm Wrestling Competition – at lunch time / in the lounge on 11th floor/ who will be the winner at arm wrestling?


  •  3rd. Seoul Forest – we will go on a picnic to the most famous forest in Seoul.
  • 10th let’s make 팥빙수[Pat bing su]  – you can make 팥빙수which is the most popular Korean dessert by yourself. Just give it ago !
  • 17th Student Night- this is the biggest event of all at Lexis. Both international and Korean students gather together and hangout at pubs around the school.
  • 24th Flea Market – you can bring your items that are no longer of use for you and sell or exchange them with other second-hand items from your classmates.
  • 31st Korean Traditional Music Day – you can try Korean traditional costumes and play traditional Korean musical instruments.





毎週月曜日 カンナムツアー


7日 夜間映画鑑賞(ハリウッド映画);19時より学生ラウンジにてビールを飲みながら鑑賞。

14日 K-POPデー;学生たちが好きな歌を選択し歌詞を習って歌えるようになろう!

21日 ドラマデー;学生たちが希望する韓国ドラマを鑑賞。

28日 映画鑑賞(韓国映画)


1日、15日、29日 ミートアップ


2日 ブルタクポックン麺(辛いラーメン)早食い競争

9日 ジョブクラブ

16日 韓国礼儀作法教育

23日 読書クラブ;みんなでキョボ文庫(本屋)へ行き、


30日 腕相撲大会;昼休み時間に学生ラウンジにて行います。


3日 ソウルの森

10日 パッピンス(カキ氷)作り

17日 スチューデントナイト

24日 フリーマーケット;レクシスコリアにて 売りたいものを持ち寄り売買する

31日 国楽体験;演奏および伝統衣装体験が可能です。


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