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2015.05.22 Korean Kitchen: 꼬마김밥&어묵탕 만들기

2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기142015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기1 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기2 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기3 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기4 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기5 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기13 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기9 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기10 2015.05.22꼬마김밥&어묵탕만들기11

렉시스 코리아의 한국요리시간!
한국어 뿐만 아니라 한국의 음식을 만들고 맛보면서 한국을 더 많이 알 수 있어요! 다양한 한국요리를 함께 만들어요.

It is said that to really understand a country’s culture, you must experience its food.
Luckily, Lexis Korea has the Korean cooking classes which is called ‘Korean Kitchen’ available to offer our students greater insight into Korean culture.

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