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에버랜드 / Everland [Amusement Park]

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렉시스코리아 4월 특별야외활동, 에버랜드!
봄을 맞아 한국에서 가장 인기 있는 놀이공원인 에버랜드에 다녀왔어요.
다양한 놀이기구와 동물들이 있고 튤립축제도 진행 중이에요!
사진들은 계속해서 공개됩니다!

Everland was Korea’s first family park and is still one of its most popular.
There is a safari area featuring lions, tigers and bears, a water park, and some of the country’s most famed, lush gardens.
We went to Everland as a special activity in April, there are Tulip festival.
The photos will be updated which are taken by our awesome students!
Coming soon!

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