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Lexis students on TV!

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렉시스 친구들 틸, 라스무스, 마코가 일본 요미우리 티비 유명 프로그램에 출연 했어요! 멋지고 자연스럽게 연기해서 모두들 놀랐어요! 정말 즐거운 경험이었어요!

 Students from Lexis Korea appeared on Yomiuri TV, famous Japanese’s TV show called ‘Exchanging Holidays.’ The very famous Japanese actress MS. NAKAMURA TAMAO and the famous comedian MR. ZINNAI TOMONORI became a couple and spent a week in Korea. Our students participated as a partner assisting the main female character to play roulette in a casino scene. Staffs paid high compliments to our students who played their parts naturally.

読売テレビの有名なテレビ番組 ‘休日を変えよう’ に私たちLexisKoreaの学生が出演します。日本の人気タレント中村玉緒さん、人気芸人陣内智則さんと韓国で撮影が行われました。学生たちはカジノの場面のアシスタントパートナーを演じました。撮影はごく自然に行われて、スタッフの方々にもお褒めの言葉をいただきました。学生たちにとってとてもいい経験となりました。撮影お疲れ様でした!

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