Friday Activity: Making Candle

Friday Activity: Making Candle

I am so excited to share last Friday’s activity pictures with you!
For one, because of the way how to make a quick, simple, and lovely handmade candle.. and two, because I absolutely love their creatures!
Over 20 students join and it was so much fun!
Let’s have a look!

Candle Candle2 Candle3 Candle4   Candle9 Candle11  Candle13 Candle15    Candle17  Candle8 Candle19 Candle16 Candle10Candle20 Candle12 Candle14

They create their own character candle as Snowmen, Santa, Rudolph and Pikachu!!!
I do love these!! Thank you for joining with us!

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