Ms. Scheydecker, Isabell [Germany]


Ms. Scheydecker, Isabell [Germany]

It was really fun to stay in Lexis and learn Korean.
The teaching was somehow different than in Germany.
For example learning over 100 words in one day was really strange and difficult for me.
But it was fun seeing myself improved day by day and showing my new Korean friends my improved skills of Korean.
I was really surprised how fast I could learn the 한글(Korean).
In only one week I could read and write a language that consisted of characters.
Even though Korea has a lot of English words around Seoul, it felt good to be able to write, talk and speak in Korean.
In the end I can say that Lexis Korea was the best choice for me because learning in a class is always more helpful than learning on your own.
Now I can even watch my most favorite Korean TV Show without subtitle and I understand almost more than 50%.

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