My first time studying at language school overseas.


Ms.Dam, Shelley [Australia]

To Lexis Korea Staff(especially 써니선생님(Sunny), 보영선생님(Bo-young),시내선생님(Si-nae),상우선생님(Sangwoo),진주선생님(Jin-ju) and 서현선생님(Chloe))

I had a fantastic two weeks studying the Full-time Intensive Korean Course here at Lexis Korea. This was my first time studying at language school overseas but from the moment I stepped into Lexis Korea greeting Sunny, Kotomi, Chloe and Charlotte at reception to the moment I leave after the end of classes or daily activity, I felt very welcomed, like a family member. From day one where I went on the Gangnam with 진주선생님(Jin-ju teacher), to the meet-up with the local Korean IELTS students and Friday afternoon excursions to Gyeonbokgung Palace, everyday was very interesting and informative about Korean culture.

For any prospective Full-time Korean student, the morning and afternoon class is where all the hard work is at. I was Elementary Class with 보영선생님(Bo-young teacher) and Survival Korean2 Class with 시내선생님(Si-nae teacher) and I felt that all four areas of listening, speaking, writing and reading have improved overall. Where else can students learn new vocabulary by Tuesday morning to play charades game in Korean. Thank you for making studying Korean so much fun.

On a personal note, thank you so much to 서현선생님(Chloe) for accompanying me through the whole journey for when I had a bad cold during my first week here at Lexis Korea from accompanying to the medical clinic to translating the pharmacist instructions regarding medications and for looking after me like my mother.

The close family-like atmosphere between the students and teachers here at Lexis Korea is what makes learning here so great as students feel comfortable to ask questions or explanation to new grammatical concepts at any time.

I had made wonderful memories and friendships here with all the students and teachers for which I am very thankful for and will never forget.

If the opportunity arises again in the future, I would love to come back to Lexis Korea and South Korea again to study.

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